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Government Relations

The Committee on Publication communicates with legislators and government bodies in order to offer an accurate understanding of Christian Science. Misunderstandings sometimes arise in legislation, regulation, or government policy that could impact the public’s access to Christian Science and its free practice.  They can also arise in statements by government officials that characterize Christian Science in a way that is not accurate. Correcting these misunderstandings can help support the government’s and the public’s fair assessment of Christian Science and provision for a right space in law for its free practice and accessibility by all. 

Christian Scientists follow the law and respect public health, including cooperation with public health officials in reporting communicable diseases and quarantining as appropriate and necessary.


Legislators, the Legislative Council, Fiscal Bureau, Governor or other state agencies, or their staff are welcome to contact the Committee office to discuss how proposals and issued guidance may impact the practice of Christian Science, including topics pertaining to health care coverage, the manner in which certain health care providers are regulated, and proposals that impose medical requirements or standards of care for individuals that may interfere with the ability to choose Christian Science as a curative or preventative form of care.

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