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Why “Christian”?

Christian Science is based on the Bible’s message of God’s love for man and

specifically on the life and teachings of Christ Jesus and his followers. Christian

Scientists consider Christ Jesus to be the Messiah, the Way-shower to a clearer

understanding of God and to the practice of Christian love that heals naturally.


Why “Science”?

“Science” refers to the law of God that Christ Jesus practiced and taught to

others. If Christianity is the Science of God, then God is knowable, and Christian

teachings must be practical and demonstrable in daily life. Science means that

spiritual healing itself isn’t miraculous, but demonstrates the divine Principle that

is God.

Are Christian Science and Scientology the same thing?

No. Christian Science is a Christian denomination based on the Bible, founded

almost 140 years ago.

Is Christian Science the same as New Age, faith healing, or positive thinking?

No. Christian Science sees God, the divine Mind, as the redeeming power in

human life. The human mind, or mind over matter, or positive thinking is not a

factor in spiritual healing. Nor do Christian Scientists accept suffering as God’s

will. In turning to God, they not only trust His love and goodness, they seek to

demonstrate it in lives redeemed from sin and sickness.

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